DeadBeat (on Hulu)

Season2 Episode3: "Ghosts Just Want to Have Fun"

Grieving parents, Cynthia Gibney (Renata Hinrichs) and her husband find a way to communicate with their daughter
allowing her to find her way into the light.

A Moment

A Charles Hale Production
A man and a woman fall in love in Amsterdam.
Twenty years later they meet in New York City and share the memory of that moment.

Random Acts A One-Woman Play by Renata Hinrichs United Solo Festival Winner
"Best Storytelling Script"


Brutality of Fact The Lost Weekend

Written by Keith Reddin.

Corinne needs to boost her nerve to approach, Maggie, with the only form of courage she knows, the kind you find in a bottle. Ooops, there she goes again.


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Camille Saviola, Rick Hinkson, Charles Casano, and LaShawn Keyser

Camille Saviola, Rick Hinkson, Charles Casano, and LaShawn KeyserI had a wonderful time performing Random Acts in the United Solo Festival. All three shows were sold out, and I'm happy to report, that I received the award for Best Storytelling Script!!

Many thanks to Camille Saviola, Rick Hinkson, Charles Casano, and LaShawn Keyser for being an excellent team.

One of the main themes of my play is racism, including the killing of a black teenager by a white policeman in 1968. Sadly, events of recent days have made the message of my piece more relevant. I have found myself doing a lot of soul searching and wondering what it will take to change the landscape of our justice system. I no longer want to fear for the safety of my friends and family members because of how they are perceived by some officers of the law.

My wish for New Year is that we see healing and a change in the relationships between law enforcement and our communities.