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Random Acts by Renata Hinrichs

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Hinrichs ... a vibrant, engaging performer (and fabulous writer) of her own story. [read more here]

Catch this if you can.  I saw the preview and it is excellent!!  Engaging, powerful, thought-provoking, endearing....everything you want from theater! Mellini Kantayya, Author 

Oh Renata, how lucky am I that I got to see your well crafted, profoundly right show tonight? Very. VERY. What a marvelous physical actor you are, what a brave soul you are to let the past come careening forward in order to understand the present, and the ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod FB moment was priceless! Whether or not Willy did write you is irrelevant to me - that he did so in your play in order to right the wrongs, to follow in your father's footsteps, to be another guardian angel is to make me believe in humanity again. Thank you.

Thank you for revealing that you danced in the backyard, that you danced in the middle of the night, that you made other women your wish mothers when things were less than safe and satisfying with your own mother. There's so much more......I hope this project has a long life, that you're able to revisit it frequently, that you continue to mine the many characters who come to life. And I hope you never, ever have to wear a pea green poofy coat with a pointy hood again. even if they DO come back in style.  Katie G.

Random Acts is nothing short of extraordinary. What a privilege it was to have the chance to see it. You have managed to weave together light and dark, pain and pleasure, and innocence and wisdom, with such grace. I was especially struck by the manner in which the piece witnesses a child’s sense of wonder and the transformative power of music and dance so beautifully. You are a master story teller, at once gripping and powerfully moving. And through it all, your own light shines clearly from within, bathing the audience in its warmth and humanity. No mean feat!  Lorraine S.