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Elephant Dreams


"... the scene between Merrick and the Marilyn Monroe played by Hinrichs, where she disrobes for him, shedding her wig and blouse, is performance at its finest.” - Brian McCormick, Gay City News





Hay Fever

“The Dorset Theatre Festival's second production of Noel Coward's "Hay Fever" is all laughs and no sneezes . . . delicious work and director Jill Charles has made sure the cast savors every morsel. Renata Hinrichs, as daughter Sorell Bliss, gave an outstanding energetic performance . . .”  - David A. Lewis Theatre Review

Hay Fever

“. . . Noel Coward's lightening fast and over-the-top dialog on the skilled tongues of this cast makes "Hay Fever" such a delight. . . .daughter, Sorel Bliss, as played by Renata Hinrichs, was charming with that slight edge to let you know that she was still her family's daughter and sister.” - Darrell R. - Beebe Free Press

“. . . a rapidly paced, a laugh-a-minute production ... daughter, Sorell Bliss, as played by Renata Hinrichs is spoiled rotten who should have been horsewhipped starting the day after she was born.”

- Bob Rose The Post Star